The last years have seen a growing hype about Augmented/Mixed Reality pushed by announcements of new dedicated devices like the Google Glass, just to mention the most known, claiming the ability to augment the vision field with context dependant contents, eventually co-registered to the real world. It is clear enough that these technologies, apart from technical limitations still concerning tracking accuracy/robustness, or field-of-view wideness, really have a great potential for a broad range of applicative fields and particularly for multimedia training and learning which could finally move from the computer space to the real world. 

To this regards, the availability of more and more powerful mobile platforms (multicore/multisensors smartphones and tablets) also represents a great opportunity for researchers and developers, as the ubiquity of these devices opens up exciting new scenarios.

Prospective authors are solicited to explore all aspects of the AR/MR universe like indoor/outdoor tracking approaches, interaction with augmented contents, visually believable integration of virtual objects into a real environment, multimedia augmentation, gesture recognition, etc. Contributions on topics highlighting the potential of Augmented/Mixed Reality in the light of the last generation of digital devices or even innovative applications of this technology will be particularly welcome.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

• Augmented/Mixed Reality for Training and Learning;
• Tracking methods (with regards to robustness, scalability, accuracy, outdoor usage);
• Interaction techniques and issues in AR/MR;
• AR/MR on mobile devices;
• Multisensorial augmentation;
• Diminished reality;
• Virtual-to-real occlusions handling;
• Photorealism of augmented contents (with particular regards to lighting and shadow casting).


  • Deadline for the submission to the special issue: Oct 22, 2014 (extended)
  • First notification: Dec 22, 2014 (extended)
  • Revised manuscript submission: Jan 31, 2015 (extended)
  • Notification of final decision: Mar 05, 2015 (extended)


Papers must be submitted online via the Springer’s Multimedia Tools and Applications website (click here), selecting the choice that indicates this special issue (identifier: ARMALT: AR based Multimedia Applications for Learning and Training).

Prepare your paper following the Journal guidelines for Authors (click here), which include specifications for submissions aimed at Special Issues. Priority will be given to the papers with high novelty and originality.

For additional information, please contact one of the Guest Editors at the addresses below:

Andrea F. Abate 
University of Salerno
Fisciano (SA) 84084, Italy

Michele Nappi 
University of Salerno
Fisciano (SA) 84084, Italy



  • Submission Deadline Extended

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